Hair clip Bordeaux


Color: Bordeaux
Size: 1.4 x 7.5 cm
Gold-plated Anti-allergic metallic base, nickel-free
Anti slide system
Clip size: 7 cm

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The practical hair clip is a wonderful decoration daily.
Exclusive hair accessories are handcrafted in France.
The hair clip is unique and has innovative elastic system – anti slide system that holds your hair perfectly without breaking them.
Handmade from bioplastic.

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Care Instructions

Keep your hair accessories separately in a box or bag! Do not leave your accessories in direct sunlight or moisture. If necessary, use a soft piece of cloth.


Exclusive Dondella hair accessories are handcrafted in France.

In designing the jewellery, special attention is paid to the choice of materials and method of production. Accessories have been produced from a high-quality alloy that is also used by recognized manufacturers of luxury sunglasses in the world.
Metal clasps are gold-plated.

The flawless, silky smooth and high-gloss surface of the accessories is not achieved by applying lacquer, but is the result of a time-consuming polishing process.

Curves moulded by hand, charming details and shiny original stones give Dondella hair accessories an elegant finish.

These timelessly stylish hair accessories are a wonderful decoration daily and add a sense of festivity on special occasions.


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