Dondella is more than just jewellery…

Dondella is inspired by simple, timeless and feminine beauty, and surrounded by an aura of mysteriousness, delicacy and uniqueness.

Dondella is meant for a woman who knows her worth, enjoys beauty and allows herself a little luxury.

Dondella is a unique brand and its main target group is mainly Scandinavian women, 

but also women from the rest of the Europe who appreciate themselves and value what they love.


Although Dondella originates from Estonia, it can nevertheless be considered a global brand.

State borders do not limit cooperation with manufacturers. While taking into account the preferences and

needs of different personalities, we have chosen our manufacturers carefully and employed the creations of various designers in designing our collections.



  The process of manufacturing the jewellery is supervised and observed by professionals and the jewellery has passed quality control.

Nothing has been left to chance and everything has been created for the purpose of offering

you the very best of the best.


Dondella initials have been inscribed on the jewellery to stand by that promise.

We proceed from the philosophy:

“Dondella – There’s only love”

 in designing our collections.

Therefore, it is not possible to bring out one common characteristic to describe all Dondella products,

except for the feelings they awaken in the person wearing the jewellery. First and foremost,  we value the emotions created by wearing jewellery.

                 High quality materials have been used in manufacturing the jewellery—

valued precious metals such as rhodium, silver, gold; while ceramics, pearls,

Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gemstones add beauty and value to the pieces.

We wish to offer true beauty and emotions that would especially highlight your personality
and make you shine every day!

Love is the only thing that matters in the end.


There’s only love