General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of purchase and sale shall be applicable to legal relations between all persons and owner of the online shopping environment (hereinafter referred to as online shop) with regard to purchasing.

Purchase and sale contract entered into by Dondella OÜ and Buyer shall take effect when the sum to be paid subsequent to receiving confirmation for the placed order has been fully paid and Dondella OÜ has received the payment and the order has been dispatched to Buyer.

The online shop shall retain the right to make changes to purchase terms and conditions and prices. The changes shall come into force when disclosed on the webpage In case an order is placed prior to changes coming to force, the terms and conditions in effect during the time the order was placed shall be applicable to such an order.

When placing an order and paying in online shop Buyer shall confirm that they have read the terms and conditions of purchase and sale and agreed to these.

Buyer shall be fully responsible for providing true and correct information. In case Buyer places an order providing incorrect information, the online shop shall not be liable for consequences arising due to this, whereas the online shop shall have the right to claim compensation for direct damage sustained to the online shop.

Online shop shall respect Buyer`s right to privacy regarding their personal details. Dondella OÜ shall use the information provided by Buyer only for fulfilling the purchase order and shall not disclose the information to third parties.

Online shop shall be exempt from any liability if damage arises as a result of Buyer, being granted the possibility, not reading these terms and conditions in disregard of their obligation and Seller`s recommendations.

Dondella OÜ shall not be liable for damages caused to the Buyer or delayed delivery of item(s) when these occur due to a situation which Dondella OÜ could not affect or foresee.


Product prices

All prices displayed in the online shop do not include transport cost and include the value added tax of 22 %.


Placement, payment and delivery of orders

When paying for an order, Buyer can choose a suitable method of payment: PayPal, by invoice or bank. An order is finalized subsequent to full payment.

Subsequent to the purchase and sale contract taking effect (i.e. when Buyer has made the payment), Dondella OÜ will complete the order and pass it on to the supplier chosen by Buyer: Itella/Smartpost, Omniva, PDP, DHL.

The cost of delivery depends on the supplier chosen by Buyer. Delivery period of 1 – 5 working days following payment shall apply only in case the order is delivered within the Republic of Estonia.

Information provided when placing an order must be accurate and correct as delays and misunderstandings will thus be avoided. Dondella OÜ shall not be liable for a delay in delivery and any following misunderstanding in case the delay or misunderstanding has arisen due to incomplete or incorrect information provided by Buyer when placing the order.

In case a package is visibly damaged, it is recommended that Buyer should return this to courier and not accept it. By signing the delivery document, Buyer confirms that, on receipt of package, it is undamaged or its condition is satisfactory.

In case Buyer returns the item(s) to courier, Buyer shall inform the online shop by sending such information by e-mail to

Returns and exchanges

Properties of each product are listed in its description.

Images of products are illustrative. Online shop shall not be liable for the following: colour, shape or other parametres of item(s) in the online shop do not correspond to the actual size, shape or colour due to peculiarities of Buyer`s screen.

Pursuant to § 56 subsection 1 in Law of Obligations Act, Buyer shall retain the right to withdraw from the contract during the 14 days following the receipt of item(s). When returning an item, the following shall be adhered to:

Returned item(s) must be unused, undamaged and in the original packaging; item(s) must be undamaged, i.e. without mechanical or other damage; item(s) must be unused and having the correct appearance – undamaged labels, untorn protective films, etc. (this shall not be applicable in case a substandard item is returned).

When returning an item, document confirming the purchase must be presented (confirmation of payment); Seller shall have the right to reject the item(s) returned by Buyer in case conditions of return have been disregarded.

Buyer shall not retain the right to withdraw from the purchase-sale contract in case Buyer has damaged the item(s) or appearance has changed significantly; hair accessories and jewellery cannot be returned in case Buyer has damaged the packaging (except when it is not possible to retrieve the item from its packaging in any other way).

If the item to be returned was accompanied by a gift, the gift must also be returned.

Dondella OÜ shall not be liable for the following:
Damage caused to an item due to Buyer or negligence; defects caused by abnormal use of the item; normal wear and tear of item(s) when used for its intended purpose.

Item return costs shall be paid by Buyer (max. 10€, §194 subsection 4 of Law of Obligations Act), except for when item(s) are returned due to being not the correct item or defective.

In order to return an item, an application must be sent to within 14 days of receipt of item(s). Return application must contain Buyer`s name, name of item(s), reason for return, bank account number and its holder`s name.

Refund shall be paid to Buyer after the returned item(s) have been checked, but not later than within 14 days following the receipt of item(s) by the online shop.