uus lill Where can I see or try on Dondella’s products?

Hair accessories are currently available in Thaya Shop and Salon in the Foorum Centre in Tallinn. Silver jewellery is currently available in our online store. We are working towards making our collections available in shopping centres, too.


uus lill Can I return or exchange the item I have purchased?

Read about returning a product in purchase conditions.


uus lill How fast does the jewellery arrive after the order has been placed?

The order will reach you within 1–5 working days. It usually takes about 1–3 working days.


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Are the precious metal products genuine?

The precious metal products available in Dondella’s online store are genuine. The Sponsor’s Mark of Dondella has been registered in the State Register of Sponsors’ Marks.


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Our company is oriented towards staying on the market and expanding, our focus is a satisfied and happy customer!


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If you did not get an answer to your question, contact us at info@dondella.ee


Wishing you shining purchases,

The team of Dondella!